What is Git Notebook?

Git Notebook is a document management tool based on Git, which programmers use for code management. You can manage documents in the same way that programmers manage code.

Who is it designed for?

It reduces the stress of document management for those who create documents that require advanced document management such as contracts and legal documents. It is also ideal for writing official articles such as news and blogs.

Install Git Notebook

Download the installer from the official Git Notebook site ( and install it. Windows, macOS and Linux version installers are available.              Git Notebook supports automatic version upgrade, so if you use it normally, it will be upgraded automatically.

What is a commit?

Register your changes with Git. Git Notebook basically saves your notes automatically. However, this alone cannot manage documents. By committing at the right time, you can manage the history and return to the point you want to return to.

How to commit?

You can commit by menu [File]> [Commit]. Alternatively, you can use shortcut keys to commit with Ctrl + S on Windows and CMD + S on macOS.

What is a branch and how to create a branch?

A branch is a branch of a document. Branched documents are not affected by other branches, so you can modify the document with confidence. Also, the branched branch can be re-merged into one branch by merging with other branches.

How to create a branch?

To create a branch in Git Notebook, click the Create Branch button on the upper right, enter the branch name in the dialog that appears, and click the Create Branch button.

What is a merge?

It is to merge (merge) a branch that has been branched in branch creation with another branch.

How to merge?

To merge with Git Notebook, click the merge button on the upper right and then click the [Merge] button in the displayed dialog.