Eliminate the stress of writing beautiful sentences

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What is Git Notebook

Git Notebook is a document management and creation tool that uses Git,
which programmers use for code management.

When managing documents with Git Notebook, you can display differences while writing, display the history so far, create another version of document (branch creation),               Strongly manage documents such as merging to regular documents. No more stress when writing solid documents.

Modifying documents with peace of mind by creating (merging branches) and merging (merging) different versions of documents

When making changes to regular documents, you can use the "Create another version of document (branch creation)" function to make changes to the document with confidence. When the correction is completed, "Merge"                 Let's combine (merge) the changes into the regular document using the function.

Easily check changes with diff display

By using the difference display function, you can check the contents of the correction at any time. You can find even the smallest mistakes.

You can always go back to the version you want to go in the history display

You can check the history of changes at any time with the history display function. You can always revert to the version you want to go back to if you make a mistake.

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